Senin, 25 April 2011

Create America Electronic Cigarettes as tobacco

CIGARETTE electronic or "Elecronic Nicotine Delivery Systems" (ENDS) is mentioned as an alternative to cigarettes that do not cause odor and smoke. However, the electronic cigarette was allegedly harmful to health.

In response to these conditions, the U.S. government says plans to alter the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product. The announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration comes after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued a decision saying that electronic cigarettes are not drugs or devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purposes.

In 2009, the FDA was given authority to regulate tobacco products are not for drugs or devices. Electronic cigarette, marketed under names such as NJOY.

In December, three judges of the appellate court ruled that the FDA can regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and not as a drug. They also said that the FDA can not block imports of those products, giving Sottera Inc. barang0barangnya ability to begin importing labeled NJOY. So that was disitat from the Telegraph, Tuesday (04/26/2011).

The FDA said in a notice posted on its website that it is a strategy to regulate tobacco products such as electronics, which are not subject to the requirements see premarket, as tobacco products.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said on Monday that the U.S. government will not appeal against the decision of the federal courts. The group said the decision to open a gap that allows manufacturers add nicotine to their products, through regulations that are usually applied to anti-smoking and non-tobacco products that included nicotine.

A group representing manufacturers of these products, Vapor Electronic Cigarette Tobacco Association, could not be immediately reached for comment.


Katy Perry-style wedding & Russell Brand

SAME-SAME have a pretty busy time-consuming, the couple husband and wife Katy Perry and Russell Brand have a simple way to warm Plow household. This method is believed to help their marriage still smoldering, although only been married approximately 6 months ago in India.

Russell said the commitment for a date once a week acknowledged as the only way to spend time with his wife, though busy working.
"We met each other day in a week. We utilize the best that day. She is beautiful, I love to have a pop star himself. He made ​​me tremble, "said Russell told Contactmusic, as reported by Your Tango on Monday (4/25/2011).

Warmth is also intertwined no exception when they're away. Katy and Russell use Twitter to announce a sense of missed against the couple. Here are some tweets "hot" from @ rustyrockets and @ katyperry.

"Mom, I'm stuck in the former world destruction. An alien girl with legs like a cartoon character Bambi (leggy) just woke up. Can you please send me a condom, "said Russell, who met with the heart icon by his wife Katy. Soon, Katy also revealed equating life with her ​​husband's bed with a rabbit-shaped vibrator wrote, "My husband @ rustyrockets play bunny-printed products are good (wink).


Iran Back So Victim Cyber ​​Attacks

(Ilustrasi: Google image) 
Tehran - Iran's civil defense chief Gholamreza Jalali claimed if the country back into the target computer viruses in 'cyber war' are orchestrated by their enemies.

According to Jalali, a new virus called "Stars" is now being investigated by experts Iranian technology. "Fortunately the experts in our country is able to detect the virus. Stars are now being investigated further in the lab," he said as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (26/04/2011).

"Characteristics of Stars already known viruses. The virus is highly compatible with computer systems, and the first phase resulted in minor damage. The virus can either be recognized as the organization's executive government data,"said Jalali.

Last year, Iran Stuxnet worm attack victims found in computer Bushehr nuclear facility. Jalali warned that Stuxnet still keep the risks to Iran's nuclear facilities.

Previously, Jalali claims technology company Siemens, helped the United States and Israel in spreading the virus. Because the control system SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which became 'victims' attack is a software company owned by the German origin.